Friday 16 December 2016

Review R4 - Alfred Lamb's Special Consignment 1939

Image courtesy of The Whisky Exchange.
Very old Jamaican


Jamaican pot still rum from 1939. Bottled in the late 80s or early 90s.


Classic jamaican up front.

Fruity funk composed of green apples and pineapple.

Soft caramel and oak, along with some rotting bananas.

Very much like any other jamaican I’ve tried.

Rather light bodied with more of the fruity funk.

Green apples are the most evident note, along with just a slighy oaky nature and a hint of maple sirup.
But also freshly cut grass and decomposing forrest floor.

At the very end also a bit of menthols.

It ends up coming off as very fresh and flowery-

Rather soft and not  a brutal as most jamaicans. Suffers a bit from the low proof. 

And then again. Perhaps the low proof is suitable.

As it starts to die off, it gains a coouple of levels of heat and suddenly feels a little hard on the edges.

It gives off more of the fruits and the grassy notes, but then slowly dials it down.

Way too soon it’s over and builds towards only having  a fresh, grassy note left.

Rating and final thoughts
A very nice and fresh piece of jamaican.

Not at all surprising and the low proof keeps everything a little too much in check, and I suddenly realise  that it’s quite boring. But it is tasty and feel nicely built.

Rating: 79/100

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