Updated: sep14th2016

First of all read my Hello World post. It is a quite good introduction to this blog of mine.

In time I hope that this blog can serve as a map for the evolution of my interest in rum and that it makes me able to store rum memories and experiences so I don't have to rely solely on my physical memory.

Perhaps you can relate.
Perhaps you can find a use for some of the gibberish that finds its way on here.
Perhaps you may feel a need to connect and share experiences, ideas and impressions.
Or perhaps not.

Feel free to comment on reviews, articles, posts and whatever else might end up here.
But please do so in a nice proper tone.

Give me a shout if there is anything here that you find misleading, incorrect, offensive or any other kind of unfit for public display.

Review concept

My reviews are a written version of the experience I have with a certain rum.
All rums are sipped neat in a tulip shaped glass without ice or mixer.
I may be adding a bit of water if I feel it may add something to the rum.
I will only be reviewing the sipping quality of the rum.

You should be able to read my review and get a quite good idea about what I have been drinking, how it tasted and how I liked it (or not).

I aim to make reviews that both beginners and full blown aficionados might appreciate.

I use a scale of 100 based on the Jim Murray scoring system.

My scoring will show how I felt about that particular rum at that particular time. So as my taste developes and evolves, scores may not be comparable. A rum scoring 86 in 2014 could end up being only a 78 in 2019 and vice versa.

Taking requests disclaimer

Anyone wishing for me to sample and review a certain product are more than welcome to contact me.

I do take request, as long as an adequately sized sample is supplied (preferably 10 cl.). I will however reserve the right to be 100% honest about the product and I have absolutely no intention of risking my integrity over random freebies.

If I think your product is rubbish, that is what my review will say (please check out my reviews of the Don Papa 7 and the AH Riise Navy Strength for reference on what I usually write about bad rums).
The moment the sample is supplied you also accept that a review may be going online.
No exceptions.

I will of course respect that you as a sample supplier has spent resources making the sample available to me, but unfortunately it is not possible for me to guarantee a specifict time frame for publishing a review.

It may be next week, but it could possibly take months. I have a regular day job, a family with kids of various sizes and other personal interests (believe it or not) that I wish to maintain as much as my spare time blogging escapades.

If you are ready to accept that, then by all means hook me up.