Updated: sep15th2016
Eline @ Home

My beautiful girlfriend, the mother of my children, who bears with me every single day even though my rum shelves keeps getting more and more populated. Her patience, when I ramble on about rum related stuff, is simply amazing. No words can express my love for her.

Morten Bach @ MBB

For introducing me to rum in the first place.

My friends @ All over

For listening to my endless preaching about rum.

Lance @ The Lone Caner

Lots of great reviews and articles on rum and other stuff.
Has helped me out with information and opinions on several occasions.

Mads @ Romhatten

Lots of great reviews in danish.
Fellow danish rum dude.

Cyril @ Du Rhum

Awesome reviews in french.
Do not expect to find reviews of your standard €20 rums here.

Marco @ Barrel Aged Mind

Lots of fantastic reviews in german. Particularly independant bottlings.

Josh @ Inu Ā Kena

Lots of great no nonsense reviews from the US of A.

Everyone else... 

...who I may have forgotten to mention even though you obviously deserve it.

... oh yeah, and...

Pirates @ The Caribbean

For creating the grog that I regularly gobble down. We all know pirates invented rum. They did. Really. Seriously.