Sunday 11 January 2015

Review 20 - Bristol Classic Nicaragua 11 year old

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Perhaps the most boring rum I ever tasted.
Welcome to my shortest review so far.

I believe in taking my time with a rum and trying to describe it as well as possible. I also believe that if you are going to do something, do it properly. Don’t haste and be sure to be thorough.

Getting that out of the way it is time for the review it self.

I am  looking at the Bristol Classic Nicaragua 11.
Born from a Column still at Compania Licorera de Nicaragua, it shares the same origin as the Flor de CaƱa line of rums.

The rum was distilled in 2002 and then aged for 11 years until its bottling in 2013.
Bristol Classic is a UK based independent bottler with a lot of experience and for some totally irrational reason I have a soft spot for their products even though I haven’t tried that many of them yet – and I still haven’t found a true gem among them.

The rum is dressed in typical Bristol Classic fashion.

A black cardboard tube with a metallic lid, silver inscriptions and the label which is also identically present on the bottle.

The bottle is a nice bar room bottle with a plastic capped cork closure.

A pale straw liquid is present inside, and poured into a glass it reveals itself as a lighter style spirit leaving only faint traces of liquid on the inside of the glass.

Droplets are small and fast moving, which indicates a lighter style.

Trying to sniff the spirit only results in a very soft touch on the nose.
It is faintly fruity and oaky, with a tiny lemonade presence.

And that is all there is to find.
Hitting the palate isn’t really an epiphany either.

The style is very light and doesn’t challenge much with its ghostly hints of banana peel galore with an herbal aftertouch.

After a couple of sips spices and oak also seems to be present. But I couldn’t really be sure.
Short and dry. A soft punch of oak spice and it is out of here. The end.

Rating and final thoughts
Apart from banana and oak, there isn’t really anything more to discover. Boring and frankly disappointing.

I am very glad that I only had a sample of this and didn’t have to go through an entire bottle.
Even though it is insanely boring, it doesn’t do any harm. But there is so many other rums that I would rather discover, than stay any longer with this one.

It will have to settle for a…

Rating: 59/100

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  1. This sounds entirely in keeping with the Flor De Cana 12 Year Old which was without doubt the most uninspiring £40 plus rum I have ever heard.

    Boring is the correct word! I'll make sure I avoid this one as well.