Wednesday, 14 September 2016

New scoring system and re-scoring

Big news everyone!

One of the reasons I haven't been able to release as many reviews as I would have liked in the recent months, is this: I have been working on switching to the more widely used scoring system, to make it possible for my readers to compare my scores to other reviewers.

The base is the widely accepted Jim Murray system, which operates on a 100-scale. Here is how to read the score.

90+: Exceptional.
85 - 89: Great.
80 - 84: Good.
75 - 79: Above Average. 
70 - 74: Average at best.
Below 70: Bad or even worse.

And then the hard part:: Going back to every single of 90+ reviews and doing some re-scoring.

To be true to my original experience of the drink, and compared them to a new sip. That meant, that I had to find samples of a lot of rums that I had already exhausted. Therefore some scores may have changed a little along the way.

Make no mistake. It has taken some time and a huge effort, but at last I'm ready to roll out the big change.

So here we are. New scores all around.



  1. I know the feeling, and believe me, I have nothing but respect for the effort after having gone through the same process.

    Any rums in particular changed scores in a major way?

    1. A couple. But I'ld rather not elaborate on it :)