Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hello world!

Hi, my name is Henrik and I hail from Denmark - that tiny viking country squished between Germany, Norway and Sweden.

Some years ago a dear friend of mine introduced me to the world of rum.
Until that point my only experiences with rum had been in drinks in bars.
On his honeymoon he went on a cruise in the caribbean and fell in love with the sweet nectar that existed over there and on a later occasion he relayed the tale on to a couple friends.

A whole new world started to take form as he trotted out the spoils of his caribbean raid and it did not take long before I was convinced. Many friends had already found a liking towards whiskies and cognacs - but that was never really my thing. With rum I had suddenly found a poison to call my own.

During 2013 I started to take my baby steps and got my hands on a couple of different bottles and it seemed that no matter which rum I tried I liked it.

My interest in rum really started to spike during the winter of 2013/2014 and since then I have not looked back even once.

My experiences are still few compared to some of the more seasoned veterans of the rum drinking world, but I feel that I have built a somewhat solid foundation of both knowledge and experiences and now I wish to start writing a bit about it.

So what is this blog?

Quite frankly at the time of writing it is pretty much nothing.

For now it is supposed to be a place for me to store my thoughts and experiences as I traverse the universe of rum. It might be entertaining for some, it most definitely will not be very serious and perhaps it might even be a bit fun.

But first and foremost this might just be yet another geeks take on his most bestest thing in the world, hoping to relate to other geeks with an affection for the same thing or perhaps be able to inspire others to give this awesome thing a shot.

And for me that thing is rum.



  1. This geek from the abroad will be following your work with interest, attention and pleasure. Glad to see your writing

  2. Glad to have you hanging around Lance :)