Friday, 11 November 2016

Review R3 - El Dorado 25 year old (1986)

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As if the 1980 wasn't wrong enough!

Yesterday, I went head to head with the El Dorado 25 year old from 1980.
This is its brother from 1986. Not much else to say.

When the 1980 was done, they made a new one, and this is it.
Hopefully it will be better that the 1980.

It starts out differently, but not better. There is simply missing a lot.
Actually the nose is very week and not nearly typical Demerara.

It comes off way less rich and full bodied than the 1980, and feels like it is missing a lot. Just barely some molasses and dried fruits. Decent oak and tobacco.

Then a lot of oily notes, before barely reaching for pencil shavings.
And in the end a little piece of buttered toast.

*sigh* Even worse than the 1980.
More sugar, but not thin watery syrup. It's more like condensed, macerated black grapes and black berry marmelade. There is a little liquorice underneath along with some pretty present oaks.

Also a bit of sweet oranges and wet tobacco.

And then, at the far back, the juice, dried fruits that are so familiar to Demeraras. But way too far away to actually make an impact or even matter.

Short. Except for mild oaken notes, some tannins, and the goddamn sugar bowl.
Not really something to write home about.

Rating and final thoughts
Jesus Christ DDL, you've done it again. Another way to spoil ancient rums, which could possibly have been great, had they just been bottled sugar free and at cask strength.

I wonder if anybody will every do a thing like that ... oh wait ... somebody (plural) did. And made some of the most awesome rums in the world. Go figure DDL...

Rating: 62/100

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