Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Review 3 - Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva

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Super popular liquid candy, but not my favourite kind of sipper.

Here we have a premium product from Diplomatico – a brand under Destillerias Unidas from Venezuela. The rum is 12 years old and comes with an ABV of standard 40%. Nothing new here.

Once again we are dealing with a company which likes to tell stories and share boatloads of information. So if you are into the whole background please check out their website.

I am a little tired this evening and just want to enjoy the fluid – not dabble too much in details.

The rum is presented in a nice squat bottle in a nice frosted green glas. Very nice and unlike any other product I have encountered so far. The bottle is protected by a sturdy cardboard cylinder with metal top and bottom.

The old style label primarily shows of a picture of the diplomat (whoever he is – perhaps I should pay that website a visit?) along with information on heritage and ABV.

In the glass the rum has a nice dark amber color with an orange glow to it. When swirled we are treated to nice, slow and thick legs.

On the back label it reads that this rum is a ”True testament to the art of making rum” – we will have to see about that.

Wauw this thing is fruity. I get figs and dates. Molasses and cherries along side a lot of vanilla. A little liquorice and tiny oak spice is also present.

Given time to breathe the oak starts to come out a little more along with an addition of tobacco, which is a very nice contrast to all the fruits and sweets.

Oh my lord it’s sweet. Syrup is the first thing that comes to mind, then sweet grapes but minus the freshness. Then follows toffee, cherries, vanilla and a little licorice. Then more sugar and syrup.

After a 5 minute breath of air the oak starts to be noticeable and a sense of tobacco starts to emerge. Not at all bad and a very nice development. But still very, very sweet.

After the tastes fades away a lot of sweetness and stickiness remains and nothing else.
There is a pleasant warmth that seems to promise to stay forever but then quickly disappears when you start liking it. Too bad.

Rating and final thoughts
When I first started getting serious about my drinking, this was one of the rums suggested to me by various independent store clerks. And for good reason. In the beginning I took a liking to the sweeter spanish style rums and when talking to other rummies I have found out that this entry into the rum world is rather common. So as a starter rum this is actually a really nice product.

Since my inception into the world of rum my personal tastes have developed a lot. Had I done this review 6 months ago it would have been very high on the list. But for me this rum is simply too sweet.

It is a very nice an casual drinker that doesn’t demand very much of you but also doesn’t deliver much in return – except for boatloads of all things sweet and fruity. On some days that is okay - but I generally tend to seek out something else.

Although this rum has lost some of its appeal to me, I have to admit that the ease of drinking as well as the appeal towards newcomers in the world of spirits (Maltsters will absolutely despise this rum for its over the top sweetness!) are some of this rums primary strengths.

And not many rums can compete with the value for money on this one.

Rating: 66/100


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  1. It was noted on (I think) Inu a Kena in the comments section that a liqueur Haciendo Sauro is added to this rum. The comment was made by Robert Burr so not just some mad conspiracist.